The Ideas Gallery

Im happy to introduce you to former and current clients if you wish to see examples of a particular project but I like to think of this as my ideas board, as a snapshot of all the different creations Ive been privileged to be part of.

Sketch designs
Untitled 31
Working from home
A office with a view
How about a bedroom with a solent view?
An open plan family kitchen
Connecting the old and new
Renovating a 50s house into 21st Century
Using different materials such as zinc
Creating harmony in the environment
A sustainable home in Sidlesham
A beautiful island
Movement through a space
A large house renovation, St Annes
A hot tub with a view
Cosy living spaces
Proposed replacement dwelling.
A old house renovation
The ultimate master bedroom
Upside down living
An semi- subterranean swimming pool