My Pinterest board is full of kitchen designs but I just don’t know where to start?

Can I just say, I know the feeling! Kitchens are the most sort after space in my field of work. In the 21st Century, an ultimate kitchen is the home must have, ranging from vast open plan living to homely vintage style galley kitchens, we are all about that space.

I know that's why I want one! I just don't have a clue how much it will cost.

Well let’s put kitchens into perspective. I have client-shopped for more carcasses than I can care to remember, to suit all budgets. So here are some of my top tips :

Start Basic

Start very basic. B & Q, Wickes, Ikea, they all do kitchens that are simple in design, ranging from ultra modern to shaker styles. Clean modern looks that can renovate any kitchen and before you click off this blog in disgust, bear with me a second. Ask yourself, how long are you staying in that house? Because these kitchens have a good 5-10 year life span and if you want that oak flooring and Corian worktop, you need to have perspective on your budget. If you are looking for a lifetime kitchen then keep reading because these companies won’t be for you but if you are thinking of selling up by 2025 then I would serious suggest being open minded about them.

Drag your builder along

The next step up would be your Magnet, Howdens, Covers, Sydnehams kitchens. These are more targeted at the trade and are of a better quality than the ones above. You will need to have a builder or architect on board to get a quote from some them but when you do, there should be a great discount to be had. Again the range is modern to traditional and they will give you a good 10 years life span. Slightly more costly but worth it for the mid- long term family home. These will come in around 10-15k depending on the size of the kitchen but that will most likely include appliances.

Get down the High Street

Im going to start with the Neptune Kitchen as Neptune have captured the commercial and retail market in a way I don’t believe many others have. Their marketing skills alone make me want to purchase their kitchens but with solid carcasses, wooden interiors and trendy little add ins, they can make your kitchen feel bespoke but without the hefty price tag. A Neptune kitchen will be at least the top end of 20k but they are lovely kitchens. You also don’t need to pay the installation price and my advice would be get your builder to do it so it can be synchronised with the rest of the trades. Other High street kitchen companies like Hubble, The kitchen Workshop and Harvey Jones are also worth looking into. They supply beautiful kitchens, suited to your every need and will not completely decimate your ceramic piggy bank. I actually love visiting these companies, they have a real passion for kitchens and understand the important role it plays in family life. They are definitely a Saturday morning appointment with a nice Harris & Hoole coffee and an hour to design your haven.

Meet the kitchen Avenger

Lastly there are the superheroes of kitchen designs. They are the glossy mag makers, the creme de la creme of kitchen designers. Im only going to mention my favourite because one day Dominic is going to design and make my kitchen and Im hoping by mentioning him in my blog he will play nice when it comes to budget! Dominic Ash based in Gloucestershire, have to be, for me, the most well thought out, exquisitely designed and constructed kitchens going. I worked with Dominic on a kitchen in the Channel Islands, and the rest of his team, and I was just blown away by his professionalism and craftmanship. The price for being a Kitchen superhero is the doesn’t come cheap but if you have the budget and you want the best there is there really is no better place to go.

Don't forget the local joiner.

On top of the above, there are literally hundreds of local one man & two man band kitchen designers who are just fantastic at what they do. If you want something unique and designed for you then my suggestion is to speak to a couple and see if they have done anything similar to what you have in mind. An idea of cost would be between £25-30k.

Before you run out and put a downpayment on a Dominic Ash Kitchen ( I wouldn’t be at all jealous), Ive compiled a list of other items you will need to consider when renovating your kitchen. Because after all, without these items, it would be like a Ferrari without it's wheels.

The forget-me-not list :







Extractor fans - yes you do have to have one, no Building control won’t sign off a kitchen without one somewhere.

Splash backs

Electrics and Plumbing

Stools - if you have an island or breakfast bar

A lot of kitchen companies will help you with some of the above so make sure you ask the question before you sign your life savings away.

If you have a kitchen project in mind and have gone into Pinterest overload and need to talk to someone to help you find your way, then drop me a line at

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